Springtime in Texas

DSCN4710, originally uploaded by trekr.

Every spring this pair of little birds makes a nest in the same flower pot under our back covered porch. Welcome back. There are five eggs in the nest. We are hoping they all hatch. We have other regular visitors every spring. Check out my photostream to see the mallard ducks that have made our swimming pool their springtime home. This is their third year to camp out in the pool. They stay a few weeks and move on. There is a frog that lives somewhere in the landscaping by the pool. At night, he parks himself in the skimmer basket and catches an easy meal or two. The frog has been living in the pool for at least four years now. I make an extra effort to be careful about when and how I chlorinate the pool. My wife is an organic gardener so there are no man made chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our property. Works out nicely, because it would cost a fortune to use chemicals over our acre. Finally, a hive of bees decided to take up a home in one of the fence pillars around the pool. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to find a way to live with them or if I’ll have to call a bee keeper. I’ll keep you posted.

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