How to Make Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt

Aromatic salts are popular condiments and smoked salt is one of the easiest to make.  Start with pure salt and filtered water.   I recommend Morton’s Canning and Pickling Salt because it does not contain additives.  Kosher salt could be used but some brands contain Yellow Prussiate of Soda as an anti caking agent.


Dissolve salt using warm water until no more salt dissolves.


It’s OK if some salt is on the bottom of the container, that tells you that no more will dissolve.  Pour the salt water in a glass Pyrex dish to a depth of about 3/4 inch and place in smoker.  I use aged oak wood in my smoker.


The water depth is critical to achieving good salt crystals.  If it is too deep, the crystals will be dense and not well formed.  Less salt solution is better at first.


Do not shake or stir the salt after placing  the container in the smoker. An hour later, here is the the result.



Break the salt cake using a flat kitchen tool.


Crumble the salt crystals to the desired size.


Sift the crystals to remove salt dust.


Finally, pour the sifted crystals into a jar.


Use the salt as a condiment.  I don’t recommend using it in recipes where the salt will dissolve. Best of luck with your smoked salt!

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